Our friend Mr Sid Tapia, Artist & former professional skateboarder.
Sid personally had the privilege of knowing Miss Alegra, as she and his eldest daughter Skylar-Lovelle shared a beautiful friendship in Kindergarten 2017 at PLC Sydney.

Sid is working currently as a full time artist, an ambassador / influencer for international brands RVCA, Adidas, Sony, G-Shock, Copic Markers, MTN Colors & Little Legs Foundation, husband to Anna-Mei and father to his beloved daughters, Skylar-Lovelle & Sianna-Lovelle.

He is highly regarded, respected and loved by all who are blessed to know him. We can not thank him enough for his time, influence, friendship and dedictation to our cause.

We asked Sid some questions recently:

Loves- God, people, family, skateboarding & art.

Hates- Evil / injustice.

How did you start?
When it comes to my art, I started around the age of three by being very intrigued by my mum‘s handwriting. From there I was taught how to hand write by her and that taught me how to control a pen and to be able to then draw things that I liked such as family members, cartoons, or other things of interests.

What do you think makes you such a success and inspiration?

When it comes to being successful at a given craft, job or career, I would say it is diligence & a relentless fixation of the mind on the thing that you are so intrigued by. From that, desiring to play a significant, long lasting, positive & excellent role within that subject.

In regards to being an inspiration I believe that anyone who is achieving excellence in a given craft or in aspects of life is ‘inspiring’. As for me, ‘inspiration’ is about excellence / integrity of character behind the success. I can accredit that solely to growing in loving God with all I have & loving others as myself.

Why are you an LLF Ambassador?

Our daughters first best friend in kindergarten was Alegra. That in itself blessed our hearts so much because as many parents know the first day of school in kindergarten is so exciting, vulnerable and awesome for all involved & your first best friend is unforgettable.

In getting to know Alegra and her family our hearts were opened more to the preciousness of life, friendship, family and ultimately love.

Throughout this time since Alegra graced us and continues to,  I have witnessed, especially on her parents behalf, a selflessness &  unending devotion towards Alegra, her love, legacy and others who are going through the same battle.

As an ambassador I consider it an honour way beyond me. I am extremely thankful.