Angie Roussis - Premier Banking Manager at
Commonwealth Bank.

Hello Little Legs Foundation,

My name is Angie Roussis and I am a Premier Banking Manager at Commonwealth Bank – based in Melbourne.

 I am writing to you, as my team at CBA Premier Bayside (in Bentleigh, Melbourne) have selected your organisation to receive our community donation of $500, as part of our National Community donations program.

We selected your organisation for a tonne of reasons – but mainly because what you are doing stands out. You aren’t promoting or fighting for a ‘cure’ but for better treatment – which will lead to a cure one day but for now, will support so many families that need more options, a better process and stronger support for their loved ones and families. To know the story of Alegra through your social media page, has hit a cord with many of my team, particularly those with their own children. We are so sorry for what you have had to endure but so impressed (and humbled) with what you have created from an absolutely devastating situation. Thank you for turning your loss into hope for so many other people in our community. 

Historically, we aim for an organisation that is local to our suburb – but the vote to support yours, interstate, was absolutely unanimous. 

Your organisation will be recognised on our CBA internet page as one of the selected organisations, which hopefully many of our customers will view – in turn, hopefully creating more awareness of the work you are doing.

Unfortunately, given the distance between us, I won’t be able to personally come out to thank you and pass on the donation, so I have submitted it via your donations link on your website. Please also find our community donation certificate attached.

Thank you for the work that you and your organisation are doing within the community. It is not going unnoticed.


Warm Regards,