In this grant researchers have tried to harness the patients immune system to help in the recognition and destruction of dipg tumours.
Using drugs discovered in A/Prof Matt Duns laboratory, researchers have been able to categorise due to the funding of this grant how the immune system may play a role in the destruction of these tumours for patients that receive a good response to the therapies.
This is groundbreaking work that identifies that a patients immune system can be awoken, can recognise the tumour and be a part of its destruction.


Throughout the last three years the Dun Lab has been sequencing DIPG tumours and what they have discovered is that there is a unique protein localised on the surface of the tumour cells that might be targeted with new therapeutics the lab is currently developing and thanks to this funding researchers are now actively generating new therapies that target this protein for the destruction of DIPG tumours.

The legacy of two little girls - Alegra & Josie, means other innocent angels get a fighting chance.